Venison Sausage Calories

Venison is one of many commercially available game meats, which offer lean-protein options for those concerned about their fat intake. Like other types of sausage, calories can vary depending upon the additional ingredients. Some recipes may call for fats such as bacon.

Calorie Count

A 3-oz. serving of ground venison contains 159 calories and less than 7 g of total fat, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The fat content makes it an excellent source of lean protein. It provides just more than 10 percent of the total recommended fat allowance of 65 g based on a 2,000-calorie diet.


Venison sausage can contain a variety of additions to add to its flavor. Spices and other seasonings will not add appreciatively to the calorie count. Additions such as bacon or lard can increase the calorie count and fat content significantly.

Sodium Content

A recipe for venison sausage will likely include a significant amount of salt for flavoring and to mask the gamey taste some sausages may have. Salt will not alter the calorie count, but it will detract from its health value.


When frying your venison sausage, use the minimal amount of oil necessary to keep the calorie count down. Using a non-stick skillet and cooking spray will reduce the calorie count significantly. One tbls. of oil contains 120 calories.