Calories Burned During Typing

Many people spend a large portion of their work days typing and doing other computer activities. While the calorie burn of typing is minimal, it does expend more energy than simply sitting quietly or reading.


According to Harvard Health Publications, typing on a computer burns 41 calories per half hour for a 125-pound person 1. A 155-pound person burns 51 calories typing for 30 minutes and a 185-pound person burns 61 calories doing the same job.


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Typing and other computer work are considered sedentary activities, and people who spend large amounts of time typing without including other more vigorous physical activity in their days are at higher risk for obesity and heart disease. In addition, since typing is usually done while sitting, this can contribute to cardiovascular disease even if you exercise up to a few hours a week.


If your job requires a large amount of time typing, consider investing in a standing desk to minimize the risk of prolonged sitting and increase calorie burn. Another way to increase your calorie burn throughout the day and improve overall health is to take frequent breaks to walk around, stretch or participate in short bursts of aerobic activity.