Weight Watchers Points for Snow Cones

Snow cones are a cold, sweet treat found for sale at carnivals and concession stands. Ice is the main ingredient, with flavored syrup added. Weight Watchers members often choose snow cones over ice cream because they are fat-free. The problem with snow cones is that the number of calories in a snow cone, and therefore the Weight Watchers point value, vary based on the amount and type of syrup 2 used in the product 12.


Snow cones are available as either a pre-made frozen ball or a scoop of fresh shaved ice placed on top of a paper cone or in a Styrofoam cup 2. The ingredients are the same for both types: ice and flavoring syrup.

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The Weight Watchers point value for a snow cone varies with the amount of flavoring syrup added to the ice 2. A single snow cone has approximately 1 cup of shaved ice with 3 to 4 oz 2. of flavoring syrup poured over it. The Weight Watchers points come from the amount of syrup 2 added to the snow cone. Ice is a point-free food.


One snow cone varies between 2 to 5 Weight Watchers points depending on the brand and quantity of syrup 2 added 24. The Weight Watcher point value for 1 oz 4. of flavoring syrup is 1 point, or approximately 66 calories, according to Hawaiianshavedice.com. The point value in flavoring syrup comes from the carbohydrate sugar; there is no fiber or fat in a snow cone.


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It is possible to lower the Weight Watchers points in a snow cone by choosing sugar-free flavoring syrup 4. This lowers the point value to 0, since most sugar-free syrups are less than 5 calories for 1 oz. of syrup 2. The downside to sugar-free syrup is that many brands have a thin consistency and bland flavor.


Snow cones sold at concession stands may have more than 4 oz. of flavoring syrup added because the stands make the sweet treat quickly without measuring. Ask for half the amount of syrup 2 to lower the calories and Weight Watchers points in the product.