How to Preserve Pineapple Juice

iutah778/iStock/Getty Images

Just 4 oz. of pineapple juice provides 50 percent of the RDA amount for vitamin C and can account for 25 percent of the MyPyramid Fruit Group daily allowance. Pineapple juice has a tropical and tart flavor, making it a common choice for mixed drinks or as a cold beverage served on its own. Pineapple juice tends to spoil easily, so it is best to take the extra effort to preserve its flavor and shelf life.

Store freshly juiced pineapple juice in a glass bottle with a secure lid. Place the bottle in a cool, dry area of the refrigerator.

Keep unopened store-bought bottled or canned pineapple juice in a cupboard for up to 18 months. After opening, immediately store it in the refrigerator and consume within eight to 10 days.

Freeze pineapple juice in a glass or plastic container. Leave at least 1/2 inch off the top of the container to allow room for expansion as it freezes. If you keep it frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you can store it indefinitely.