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How to Make Liquid Iron Supplements Taste Better

By Lillian Downey

Liquid iron supplements are prescribed to adults and children with iron deficiencies because they absorb better and more quickly into the body than other forms of iron. The drops aren't designed to taste good. They also routinely stain your tongue and teeth. Diluting iron drops with pharmacological flavorings or drinks with strong flavors can help cut down on the bad taste and the staining. Flavorings can make it much easier to give supplements to your child. They can also make the experience more pleasant for adults.

  1. Take your liquid iron supplement to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to add medicinal flavorings. Pharmacists can apply a variety of fruit and candy-tasting flavorings to liquid iron supplements to improve the taste.

  2. Purchase medicinal flavorings from your drugstore and carefully follow the instructions for home flavoring. Manufacturers have recently introduced kits that allow you to alter the taste of medications.

  3. Mix liquid iron supplements with fruit or vegetable juices to disguise the taste, recommends the Mayo Clinic. This option may also help people who experience nausea when they take iron, as the directions require taking it on an empty stomach.

  4. Drink juice mixed with iron supplements out of a straw positioned toward the back of your mouth. This positioning of the straw causes you to both drink the liquid faster and bypass the part of the tongue where most of your taste buds are located.

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