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Calories in Agave Nectar

By Ellen Douglas

The agave plants of Mexico and Southwestern U.S. are rich in natural sugars. The main product produced from the plants, other than tequila, is a kind of syrup known as agave nectar. The nectar has a lower glycemic index than table sugar.


Agave Nectar has 333 Calories and 76.19 g of Carbohydrate, by difference per 100 gram serving according to the nutrition facts provided by the USDA Food Composition Database.

Basic Calorie Information

Agave nectar, also known as agave nectar, contains 20 calories per tsp. One tbls. of the nectar is about 60 calories.

Analyzing calories

It may be misleading to compare the calories in 1 tsp. of sugar to 1 tsp. of agave nectar, because the nectar’s sweetness means that you can use less. Sugar contains 16 calories per tsp., while honey has 21 and maple syrup has 17 calories per tsp. However, agave is about 1.5 times sweeter, so you will probably need less of it than an equivalent sweetener. In addition, the nectar’s ability to add moisture and richness to baked goods may enable you to eliminate more fat and calories by reducing the amount of butter or shortening you use.


Some agave species bear stalks, which can be eaten, including asparagus. A serving of cooked agave contains 135 calories, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Database.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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