Calories Burned While Cheerleading

Traditional team sports aren't the only way to get a moderate calorie burn. If you enjoy sports such as football and basketball but aren't interested in playing them, joining a cheerleading squad can help you keep in shape -- and provide a front-row view of the action. As with any exercise, the more active you are, the more calories you'll burn 1. Get a high-activity role on the squad and your health will thank you.

Kicking and Leaping for a Slim Body

Your weight influences the rate at which you burn calories during cheerleading. According to Quite Healthy, a 125-pound person burns about 304 calories during 60 minutes of cheerleading; a 150-pound person burns about 365 calories. You might not spend a solid 60 minutes performing moves during a sporting event, but cheerleading practices also help you burn calories.

More Than a Calorie Burn

Whether you view cheerleading as a sport or an activity, you can't question that cheerleaders must be strong, agile and dynamic. Cheerleading isn't just a way to burn calories, though. The workout you get while performing the kicks and jumps common in many cheerleading routines can help you develop your strength, balance, flexibility and coordination as well.