Foods High in Good Carbs

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Around 50 to 60 percent of your total daily calories should come from carbohydrates, notes the Diet Channel. Consuming your intake of daily carbohydrates in the form of good carbohydrates will not only provide you with energy-rich calories, but also high amounts of fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals.


Oats contain good carbohydrates at around 25g per serving, notes Common Sense Health website. This is why oatmeal is often recommended as a healthy breakfast option that will keep you full and satisfied until the next meal. Oats can be used in baked goods, breads and breakfast foods. Increasing your intake of oats will increase your overall fiber intake.

Whole Grain Pasta

Whole-grain pastas are generally high in fiber, protein and various other essential nutrients. Whole-grain pasta contains about 37g of good carbohydrates per serving, reports Common Sense Health. Choose these over white pastas, where the grain has been refined and stripped of most of its nutritional value. When shopping for whole-grain pastas, read the ingredient label to make sure whole grains, whole wheat or barley are listed as the first ingredient.

If you are used to eating white pasta, making the transition to whole grain pasta can be challenging. Try mixing white pasta in with your whole grain pasta and over time slowly reduce the amount of white pasta in a serving until you have eliminated it completely.


Quinoa is a less commonly used grain that is high in fiber and provides healthy carbohydrates at about 30g per serving. Quinoa can be used as a replacement for rice, couscous or pasta. This good carbohydrate also offers a significant amount of plant-based protein, while being low in fat and calories.

Brown Rice

Brown rice will provide you around 33g of good carbohydrates per serving, notes Common Sense Health. Brown rice has not be stripped of its nutrients, like white rice has, and instead it comes rich and vitamins and minerals. When cooking with brown rice, allow for a little more cooking time. Also, when eating out always ask if the restaurant can replace any white rice in your meal with brown rice. Eating white rice will leave you feeling hungry shortly after because the energy provide will be quickly burned, while brown rice will take longer to digest due to its high fiber content, giving you sustained energy.


According to the Harvard School of Public Health, beans provide carbohydrates that your body will slowly digest and they are a valuable source of healthy protein, making beans an excellent carbohydrate choice. Beans, such as black beans, kidney beans, navy beans and pinto beans will generally provide about 22g of carbohydrates per serving, reports Common Sense Health. When buying beans in a can, stick to varieties that do not have added sodium, because eating too much sodium can be unhealthy.