How Many Calories Do You Lose When Running 1 Mile?

Running burns calories with every step, and burning calories is an important part of losing weight. How many calories you burn while running varies according to a number of factors.

Key Factors

Although factors ranging from temperature to stress level can effect your calorie burn, fitness coach Ben Cohn reports that two factors have the strongest effect on calorie burn: body weight and level of exertion 2.


The faster you run, the more calories you burn. A 150-pound person burns 119 calories running a mile in 9 minutes. Running that mile in 6 minutes burns 178 calories. Running one 12-minute mile burns 115 calories.

Body Weight

The more you weigh, the more you carry around with you and the more calories you burn in every activity. Running a 9-minute mile, a 150-pound person burns 119 calories. Running the same distance at the same pace, a 130-pound person burns only 103 calories. A 200-pound runner burns off 158 calories doing the same workout.