Seasonal Allergy Symptoms - Chest Tightness & Pain

Seasonal allergies, which occur at various times of the year, are quite common. The most common symptoms include a runny nose, red and watery eyes, sneezing and itchiness of the skin. Some seasonal allergies cause more-problematic symptoms, such as tightness and pain in the chest.


Spring seasonal allergies are usually brought on by tree pollens. Blame summer allergies on grasses and weed. Fall allergies are most frequently caused by ragweed.


Seasonal Allergy Symptoms - Chest Tightness & Pain

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The severity of seasonal allergies varies with the seasons. People with allergic rhinitis often have asthma and also suffer with the wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and chest pains that are familiar to asthma suffers.

Chest Tightness

Chest tightness is a common complaint from many seasonal allergy sufferers. It can manifest in chest pain, difficulty breathing, chest congestion and the inability to take a deep breath.


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Seasonal allergies can cause a great deal of sneezing and coughing. Both can cause stress on the body and may result in a tight feeling in the chest, which can be uncomfortable or very painful.


Seasonal allergies can lead to sinusitis, which can cause chest pain and tightness. Some seasonal allergens cause chronic respiratory conditions, and chest pain and tightness may result.


It may be difficult to completely avoid seasonal allergens, but the symptoms can be managed. By keeping doors and windows closed, vacuuming often, avoiding furry and feathered pets, and using proper medication, seasonal allergies need not be a pain in the chest.