Can Supplements Reverse Adrenal Fatigue?

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From severe tiredness to difficulty concentrating, adrenal fatigue can make normal day-to-day tasks difficult. Although the range of symptoms, which also include low blood sugar levels and dizziness, can vary from one individual to the next, most individuals find that the malady followed a sustained period of stress. Dr. James Wilson, a physician and the author of “Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Stress Syndrome,” explains that the adrenal glands become overburned as a result of poor sleeping patterns, excessive caffeine use, overexercising and psychological stress. Certain supplements can help reverse adrenal fatigue. Always consult your physician before using supplements.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, found naturally in a range of fruits and vegetables, plays a number of roles in the human body. It works as an antioxidant in each and every cell and also strengthens the blood vessel walls. Dr. Wilson explains that vitamin C remains one of the most crucial nutrients for the adrenal glands; he points out how, before the introduction of more modern testing procedures, serum levels of vitamin C were used to assess adrenal function. The walnut-sized organs require a continual supply of the water-soluble vitamin to produce cortisol, normally deficient in sufferers of adrenal fatigue.

Pantothenic Acid

Also identified as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid can affect the availability of precursors for a range of adrenal hormones. Dr. Michael Lam, a practitioner familiar with the condition, explains that pantothenic acid converts into a substance called acetyl co-enzyme A once in the body. The level of this compound stands out as particularly important as this can limit the formation of cholesterol, from which the adrenal gland manufacture all steroid hormones. Supplementation with vitamin B5 can facilitate a more appropriate production of these hormones, which include cortisol, DHEA and progesterone.


A mineral required for a range of reactions in the body, mangnesium contributes to cellular hydration, muscle relaxation and cardiovascular health. As such, the mineral can help a wide range of individuals, though Dr. Wilson points out that it remains particularly vital for sufferers of adrenal fatigue. The physician points out how magnesium helps to induce deep sleep, a major issue in most people suffering from the condition. Without deep sleep, it becomes difficult to lower stress levels on the body. Magnesium may also help work against fatigue by supporting a number of enzymes involved in the Krebs cycle, a chemical cascade that produces energy in each cell.