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How Women Lose Weight With SlimQuick

By Lindsay Tadlock ; Updated July 18, 2017

SlimQuick is a product that has been specially designed to help women lose weight. It is based on the principle that women lose weight with greater difficulty compared to men because their physical structure is designed for fat storage. This means that whatever women eat has a greater chance of being stored as fat.


SlimQuick has several products that are aimed towards helping women lose weight. Some of them are appetite suppressants containing hoodia, which is considered as the miracle weight loss supplement, while others are detoxification packages designed to cleanse the body. Popular SlimQuick products include the 7-Day Gentle Cleanse, Ultra Fat Burner Capsules, Weight Loss Packets, Hoodia and SlimQuick Extreme. They offer a couple of flavors in their dietary supplements as well.


According to, the SlimQuick weight loss supplements may be mildly successful but only because they use unapproved ingredients such as caffeine and hoodia in their weight loss systems. They may help you lose weight but may not provide your body with the nutrition it requires. SlimQuick is a stimulant-based weight loss system which is not the ideal way to lose weight.

Ingredients mentions that half of every SlimQuick capsule is made up of caffeine, which provides the body with energy and also increases your metabolism rate. SlimQuick does claim that it includes vitamins and minerals necessary for meeting most women's nutritional requirements, although consumer opinion seems divided on this factor. Some products also use green tea as a major ingredient. A study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" found green tea extract gives your metabolism a boost by increasing energy expenditure, therefore increasing the body’s ability to burn fat.


Most of the products are quite reasonable and contain a month long supply of weight loss capsules. The average price of each product varies from $10 to $30 as of October 2010.


Women who are of average weight and who exercise regularly may be able to see quicker results with SlimQuick than obese women. In any case, you must not depend on the capsules alone to lose weight. It is important to maintain a 30 minute exercise routine everyday and eat well-balanced, nutritious meals.


SlimQuick is not a long-term solution. Once you have reached your desired weight, you could relapse if you go back to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices. There is also no scientific evidence that SlimQuick itself helps women lose weight apart from diet and exercise.

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