Diet & Exercise Calendar

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Whether your goal is to lose weight, train for a marathon or just get stronger, a diet and exercise calendar can help you stick to your planned regimen and meet your goals. There are many ways to create and use such a calendar. Consult with your personal trainer, doctor or other qualified specialist for help to create a calendar that will meet your needs. Talk to your doctor before adopting any diet or exercise regimen.

Exercise and Diet Calendar

An exercise and diet calendar is similar to a daily agenda or calendar in which you plan your daily activities. However, it is specifically for planning your exercise and diet routine. You can use this calendar to set goals for changes in your diet and exercise to lose weight, lower blood pressure or achieve some other health goal. Your calendar is a tool to plan ahead and help motivate you to stick to a particular exercise and diet regimen planned by you or for you by a personal trainer or health professional.

Creating a Calendar

If you are experienced in diet and exercise planning, you can create your own calendar, or you can use an online service such as that offers free diet and exercise planning assistance. Otherwise, work with a personal trainer, nutritionist, doctor or other qualified professional to plan a regimen and create a calendar personalized to your needs. Your calendar may consist of a simple chart on a piece of paper, a bound printed notebook or a digital file on your computer. Consider your habits and needs to choose the format that will work best for you.

Calendar and Log

While a calendar is a tool for planning ahead on your diet and exercise regimen, a log is a record of what you actually did in terms of diet and exercise. Both may be useful in helping you meet your goals but have different functions. With a calendar you can plan ahead, create time for your exercise and know what foods you need to buy. A log will help you track how well you are meeting your goals.

Tips for Success

According to the website Fitness for Life, a good calendar should not be overly ambitious. You should plan moderate diet and exercise goals and make sure that they can fit easily into your schedule. Sign a contract with yourself or try exercising with a friend to stay motivated and committed. Vary your exercise activity and diet and chose foods and activities that you enjoy so you will be more likely to stay committed to your plan.


For exercise, record the type of exercise as well as the duration. When recording food, determine and record the calorie consumption -- use an online resource such as Besides diet and exercise, other data can be recorded to help you meet your individual goals. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, record your weight once a week. If you are training for a marathon, record improvements in your speed.