4,500 Calorie Diet

Bodybuilders and anyone fully committed to putting on large amounts of muscle should look at eating 4,500 calories per day. According to the website Miraclesformen, eating this many calories requires frequent eating, six or more times per day. In order to gain muscle, you must also train heavily with weights.


Your weight can only be doing one of three things: depleting, staying the same or increasing. The website Gainmusclemass explains that hardgainers, people who have difficulty putting on weight and muscle, may need to eat this amount of calories to start building muscle tissue. If you're a hardgainer and you eat too few calories, you may put on weight, but it may also disappear pretty quickly.

Spreading Meals Out

If you spread your meals out, your body is constantly getting nutrients, according to Gainmusclemass. If you wish to replace certain foods with others, make sure the additions are similar foods. For example, if you decide to take chicken out of a meal, replace it with turkey. They're both high in protein so you won't be short-changing yourself on a nutrient. It is important to eat healthy foods that you like because this is a lot of food to take down in one day, and you don't want to tire of it.

Meal Size

Miraclesformen explains that cereal with milk and bread made with whole grains are good things to eat for breakfast. Also, if you're serious about building muscle, you may look into buying protein powder to help add calories and get you the necessary protein for building and maintaining muscle mass. It is important to make sure these meals are all a pretty good size, depending on how many meals are being eaten. If you eat six meals, you should be consuming around 700 calories per meal to meet 4,500 calories. Make sure your meals and snacks are fairly balanced so no meal is overwhelmingly larger than others.


Phano Paul Som, a competitive bodybuilder at the Bodybuilding website, explains that you should make a journal and write down what you're eating and how you're training so if you're not making sufficient gains, it'll be easier to fix what's causing it 23. Also, consistency is important when bodybuilding and building mass. You need to stick to your schedule.


Eating this much food is definitely going to be a challenge. Also, you should consult your doctor before consuming this many calories in one day. Make sure you're eating healthy foods; loading up on junk food is going to be detrimental to your goals.