The UltraSimple Diet

Fact Checked

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The Ultra Simple Diet is based on the idea that obesity is caused by inflammation and toxicity in the body. According to the creator of the Ultra Simple Diet, Dr. Mark Hyman, long-term weight loss is possible but only if the body is first detoxified. The Ultra Simple Diet is a one-week diet that claims to rid the body of harmful toxins and inflammation and help you lose up to 10 lb. in one week.


The Ultra Simple Diet is a low-calorie detox diet. Dieters consume a lemon juice and hot water mixture every day and are encouraged to drink a vegetable broth called UltraBroth three to four times per day. Dieters also have the option of drinking an UltraShake to avoid getting too hungry. Lunch and dinner consist of steamed or sauteed vegetables, brown rice, non-citrus fruits and either chicken breast or fish. Herbal supplements and laxatives are also recommended.


The Ultra Simple Diet encourages you to eat healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, lean protein such as chicken or fish and to consume more water and green tea. You are also advised to avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. Daily food diaries are also encouraged.


The creator of the Ultra Simple Diet recommends buying only organic foods, which some dieters may find does not fit in their budget. While the diet only lasts seven days, it is restrictive and requires advance planning. The Ultra Simple Diet is not a family-friendly plan unless other family members also eat the same meals for lunch and dinner. The creator notes that you may experience side effects such as fatigue, hunger, bad breath, constipation, nausea and flu-like symptoms.

Considerations advises there is no scientific evidence to support detox diets. In addition to the side effects outlined by the creator of the Ultra Simple Diet, other side effects that can occur from a detox diet include dehydration and dizziness. Since the diet is low in calories, you may lose weight on the Ultra Simple Diet; however, the weight lost is likely due to water loss and laxative use.


Dr. Judith Rodriguez, author of “The Diet Selector,” advises if you have health problems or take any type of medication, consult a physician before trying the Ultra Simple Diet since some of the herbal supplements recommended with this diet may interact with certain medications.