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How to Remove Chickenpox Scars

By Ashley Miller ; Updated July 18, 2017

Chickenpox is a common childhood disease. However, according to Kids Health, anyone can get chickenpox. This highly contagious disease causes itchy, raised bumps all over your body. The bumps generally go away on their own. According to Medline Plus, itching the bumps can cause a bacterial infection that results in scars. In adults who get chickenpox, the scars tend to be darker than those that occur in children. Not all home remedies are effective for everyone in reducing or removing scars and most home remedies are not backed up by scientific proof. In certain cases, medical treatment may be required to remove scars. Consult your doctor before using any home remedy.

  1. Apply aloe vera gel to scars. You can obtain the gel from aloe vera plants by snipping off the tips of the leaves and squeezing out the gel. According to Alford ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery, aloe vera has shown promise in reducing redness and inflammation from a scar and may help it to be less visible.

  2. Dab a bit of over-the-counter fade cream on your scars. Fade cream helps to decrease the darkness of scars and helps the skin tone to blend in with the skin surrounding the scar. Generally speaking, most fade creams should be used for a few weeks in order to be effective.

  3. Rub honey on your scars. Honey is a natural Ayurvedic treatment for chickenpox scars that may help to reduce their appearance. According to Ayurvedic Medicines, honey may help to heal scars in as little as three days.

  4. Have a microdermabrasion treatment. According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that gently removes the surface layer of your skin. It helps to improve the texture and appearance of your skin and reduce scars. Treatments generally take around 20 minutes.

  5. Massage lemon balm cream into scars after washing your face. According to alternative health expert Linda Page in her book, "Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self Healing for Everyone," lemon balm cream can help to fade scars.

  6. Consult a dermatologist. According to Alford ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery, surgery and lasers can often diminish a scar's appearance. Your dermatologist may also recommend injections of the medication Triamcinolone, which can help to fade scars.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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