How Teen Boys Can Lose Weight

Fact Checked

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Teen boys looking to lose weight should stay away from extreme diets and weight-loss supplements. These are usually ineffective in the long run, and some may even harm your ability to grow to your greatest potential, according to The safest and healthiest way to lose weight is to burn off about 250 to 500 more calories than you eat in a day by being more active and sticking to a balanced diet.

Consume Solid Meals

Ensure that every meal you eat includes at least one fruit or one non-starchy vegetable, one source of grains and one source of protein. At least half of the grains you eat throughout the day should be whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and brown rice; they contain more nutrients than refined grains, such as white bread. Most of the protein you eat should come from a low-fat source, such as chicken, fish, skim dairy, beans or a lean cut of meat.

Snack Wisely

To avoid overeating at mealtimes, throw some nutritious snacks into your backpack and eat them between meals, according to the Nemours Foundation. Some examples of on-the-go healthy snacks include an apple and whole grain pretzels. Other good snacks to grab on the run are sliced fresh bell peppers with hummus, a cup of yogurt or celery sticks with peanut butter.

Adjust Routines

Make a concerted effort to eat only when you feel hungry or depleted of energy and only get a single serving out the box or container to reduce your chances of eating more than is recommended, suggests Health Services at Columbia University. If possible, avoid eating while doing anything else, such as when you're watching TV or studying. If you’re focused on the television screen and don’t slow down to eat, you are less likely to be in tune with your feelings of hunger and more likely to get up and grab another serving, says the Nemours Foundation.

Limit Unhealthy Foods

You’re already on your way to eating fewer calories if you eat mostly plant-based foods and low-fat sources of protein, but take some extra steps to cut back on calories. For example, avoid foods that have been fried and ditch unnecessary calories by cutting out sugary drinks, such as fruit- flavored beverages and soft drinks. Replacing one can of cola with a glass of water will save you about 150 calories, according to Health Services at Columbia University.

Increase Physical Activity

You need about 60 minutes of exercise every day, but that doesn’t mean you should join the football team if you’re not into sports. Any activity, even in 10-minute bursts, is better than none, according to Skateboard with a friend to school, walk your dog after dinner and play an active video game to reach your recommended 60 minutes a day. Another way to lose fat is to build more muscle, as it burns more calories than fat. Talk to your fitness teacher about ways you can safely build muscle, such as through strength exercises or weight training.