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Unique Baby Boy Names

By Debby Mayne ; Updated June 13, 2017

Baby names run in trends, based on pop culture, the media and family history. Television and movies are major influencers of what parents name their children. Some names are cute and fun; others may be other-worldly. Parents who had a honeymoon that they’ll never forget may consider using street or town names for their children. Interests, skills, sports and vocations inspire many names. Still others are names that have been resurrected from decades or even centuries ago. Parents are now spending time trying to come up with something unique--names that the child can call his own.

Vocational and Special-Interest Names

Interesting names that indicate some sort of profession are Archer, Carter, Bailey, Cooper, Carver, Fletcher, Redman, Sawyer or Ward. Even more unusual are Naylor, Proctor or Trinder. Names indicating an interest or trait are Armstrong, Grant, Russell, Brown or Turnbull. Alvin, Afernee, Buck, Cristobel, Darius, Diego, Dorsey, Forrest, Gale, Hakeem, Javon, Kobe, Mariano, Peyton, Sheldon, Wesley and Xavier may describe a sport, skill or interest.

Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities often choose names that no one has thought of before. Some of these include Audio Science, Tiger, Pilot Inspektor, Jermajesty, Kingston, Zuma, Calico, Diezel Ky, Gulliver, Heaven, Kyd, Lark Song, Liberty, Poppy, Saffron, Satchel, Gaia, Tu, Zolten and Willow.

TV Show Character Names

Since the advent of television, parents have named their children after their favorite characters. Some examples are Angus, Arthur, Boone, Dixon, Drew, Eli, Fox, Frasier, Gregory, Joey, Landry, Logan, Maurice, Maxwell, Montgomery, Ned, Opie, Owen, Ricardo, Stanford, Shane, Victor or Theo.

Names from Places

When a couple has a particularly nice time at a place and they want to bring back fond memories, they might consider names such as Dallas, Boston, York, Memphis, Austin, London, Lincoln, Charleston, Niagra, Madison, Hudson, Phoenix, Manning, Raleigh, Edson, Dakota, Orlando or Jersey.

Old Fashioned Names Making a Comeback

Some names are too good to let them fade. Old-fashioned names are Ashby, Arlington, Anson, Alton, Arch, Bishop, Clovis, Creed, Cullen, Colonel, Carson, Dillard, Erasmus, Edson, Freeman, Foster, Fletcher, Gardner, Grady, Hunt, Hezekiah, Harris, Judson, Jasper, Jarrett, Llewellyn, Lowell, Lawson, Luther, Miller, Merrill, Millard, Orson, Osborn, Palmer, Pierce, Rush, Stanton, Thaddeus, Ulysses, Wylie, Wyatt and Wallace.

Create Your Own Name

If you are looking for something even more unique, you and your partner can come up with your own special name for your baby. You can do this by using a foreign or ethnic variation of a name you both like, such as naming your baby Andreas or Andrei if you like the name Andrew. Use combinations of letters from your own names to create an entire new name. Or, choose a word you like, such as happy, and find that word in another language to use as your baby's name. For example, in Spanish Feliz means happy, and Felice is an Italian word for happy. Alternatively, you could change the spelling of a name you adore or combine two names to create something different.

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