Benefits of Vitamin C Crystals

Most mammals produce vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, in their livers 2. Humans, unfortunately, are one of the few mammal species that do not. Sustaining our daily need for vitamin C has traditionally meant chewable supplements, fresh fruit, or a glass of juice 2. Vitamin C crystals have not only made this invaluable nutrient readily available, but easy to imbibe 2. Enjoying the benefits of vitamin C has never been easier 2.

Antioxidant Boost

Much ado is made about the benefits of antioxidants -- and for good reason -- but the so-called mother of antioxidants, glutathione, can only be produced in the human body if vitamin C is used as a catalyst 2. Moreover, the effectiveness and longevity of fat-soluble antioxidants, like vitamins E and A, are significantly enhanced. This sets in motion a causal chain that keeps free radicals at bay and substantially slows the aging process.

Immunity Boost

When it comes to our immune system, few nutrients are as well regarded as vitamin C. When vitamin C crystals are ingested, they help produce lymphocytes 2. These powerful immune system cells are generated by the thymus gland and are carried in the bloodstream to help identify and destroy disease. Lymphocytes are programmed, in a sense, via vitamin C and vitamin C crystals, to search and destroy alien microbes and bacteria identified by the immune system as a threat 2.

Blood and Bones

Although vitamin C is seldom thought of with regard to bone health, it functions, again, as a kind of catalyst nutrient 2. Vitamin C crystals help synthesize calcium, thereby keeping your bones in optimal condition 2. Similarly, in terms of blood composition, vitamin C crystals help facilitate the conversion of iron into vital hemoglobin, which help fend off viruses and harmful bacteria 12. Indeed, vitamin C crystals have been used to effectively treat iron-deficiency anemia 2.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

When toxins attack healthy cells, inflammation is the one-to-one byproduct. Once dismissed as merely symptomatic, the inflammation itself has been shown to be harmful to healthy cells. It is caused by the immune system’s zeal to destroy the attacking toxins. This insidious cycle of attacking toxins, resulting inflammation and overzealous counter-strikes from white blood cells can lead to the development of mutant cells, like cancer.

Vitamin C crystals can help flush healthy cells of toxins, effectively reducing inflammation and the possibility of cell mutation 2. In fact, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America successfully lobbied the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to use vitamin C as an alternative cancer treatment 2.