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Pear-Shaped Body Weight Loss

By Beth Rifkin

The lower body of a person with a pear shape is larger than the upper body, with fat stored primarily in the hips, butt and legs. Though pear-shaped bodies can look out of proportion, spot-reducing fat from just the lower body is not possible. Engaging in a comprehensive fitness plan, however, can help you to shed pounds throughout your entire body.

Smart Foods

The passive fat stored around the hips, butt and thighs can be particularly stubborn to lose, according to "Fitness Magazine." Watching your calorie intake and limiting -- or eliminating -- foods that quickly turn into fat, such as added sugars and processed foods, can help you lose weight. Prepare meals and snacks that consist of lean proteins, whole-grain and complex carbohydrates, fruit and fresh vegetables.

The Right Exercise

A regular exercise program can complement a healthy eating plan and help to slim your trouble zones. Moderate to intense fat-burning cardiovascular exercise, such as running or cycling, should be performed three to five times per week for at least 30 minutes. In addition, two full-body strength-training sessions per week can add lean muscle mass, which helps to boost your metabolism. Strength training can also help to balance your body by increasing upper body muscle and definition. Warm up at the beginning of each workout and include a cool-down and stretching session at the end.

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