Is It Realistic to Lose 7 Pounds and 5 Inches Off the Waist?

By Lora Mays

Losing seven pounds and five inches off your waist can be an attainable goal, depending on your current weight and fitness level. It is not possible to spot reduce or lose weight in a specific area such as your waist. However, you can engage in a fitness and nutrition program to help improve your overall health, which will help you meet your weight-loss goals.

Start an Exercise Program

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderately-intense aerobic activity each week, supplemented by two days of strength training. This will help improve your overall fitness and spur weight loss. Continuing a balance of both cardio exercise -- such as running, swimming and walking -- and strength training, like push ups, pull ups and planks -- will help to burn fat and build muscle.

Focus on Nutrition

Exercise alone won't improve your physical health and help you lose weight. It needs to be balanced with a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods and excess sugars. Instead, consume a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean meats. Supplementing your diet by drinking water will help flush out toxins, which can help you trim your waist and meet your weight-loss goals.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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