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Paleo Zone Diet

By Jessica Bruso ; Updated July 18, 2017

The Paleo Zone diet combines the Paleo diet and the Zone diet, meaning you limit yourself to the foods allowed on the Paleo diet while following the Zone diet's recommendations for the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins to fats. You'll probably need to plan your meals ahead of time and cook at home due to the restrictions on the amounts and types of food you can eat on this diet.

What to Eat

You'll need to do a little math to figure out what to eat, since the Zone diet requires each meal and snack to contain 40-percent carbohydrates and 30 percent of each fat and protein. Women eat 1,200 calories per day, and men eat 1,500 calories per day, with these calories divided between three meals and two snacks. The Paleo diet allows fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds, with an emphasis on grass-fed meat, wild game and organic produce.

What to Avoid

The Paleo diet doesn't allow you to eat anything cavemen wouldn't have had available in their diet. This means no grains, no dairy, no refined sugar, no legumes, no alcohol and no processed oils. Although allowed, certain fruits and vegetables are higher on the glycemic index and should thus be limited on a Paleo Zone diet. These include carrots, potatoes, corn, raisins and bananas. Likewise, high-fat meats and egg yolks should also be limited due to their saturated fat content.

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