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Are There Certain Foods for Migraine Relief?

By Nina K.

If you have migraine headaches, the right diet may be able to help prevent symptoms. However, researchers know more about foods that may cause migraines than any that might relieve them -- and no specific food is likely to eliminate migraines altogether, according to Harvard Medical School. If you haven't yet, see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and to discuss possible treatment options.

Feed Your Head

Harvard Medical School recommends eating foods that keep blood sugar steady to help prevent migraines. This means choosing whole grains such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread over white, processed versions. Also include a protein-rich food, such as fish, eggs or beans, in each meal. Eating small meals throughout the day may also help, as might drinking plenty of water to stay well-hydrated.

Migraine Triggers

Avoiding certain foods could help prevent migraines. Possible migraine triggers include cured meats, red wine, pickled foods, dairy and citrus fruit. To learn which foods trigger headaches and which ones may help, keep a meal diary and take note when migraines strike and diminish.

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