The Health Benefits of Bojenmi Tea

Baojenmi tea originated in the Chinese coastal island city of Xiamen, known as Egret Island, because of the many egret birds that formerly lived there. Bojenmi, which means maintaining health and a nice appearance, is a popular tea in China used primarily for weight loss. This herb formula is a prepared loose tea and the predominant ingredient is a tea leaf from Fujian Province, which may lower blood lipids, in addition to other actions. The taste of bojenmi tea is mild and similar to black tea, but with a barely perceptible sharp bitter taste, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine. As with all herbal remedies, consult a qualified practitioner before using bojenmi tea.

Weight Loss

Bojenmi tea is a derivative of a traditional formula designed by Chinese practitioner Zhu Danxi that was recorded in the 15th century medical text, "The Fundamental Methods of Zhu Danxi," according to the Institute for Traditional Medicine. Bojenmi tea is traditionally used to aid digestion, remove food stagnation, remove phlegm and provide a gentle laxative action. The combination of these therapeutic actions is the approach Chinese doctors take to promote weight loss. Shen-chu, malt, raphanus, crataegus, citrus peel and pogostemon increase the chi of the stomach, which improves digestion; phaseolus, hoelen mushroom, citrus, alisma and pogostemon help expel extra fluid from the body; pharbitis and cassia are gentle laxatives.

Lowers Cholesterol

Bojenmi is used to treat high cholesterol, in addition to its weight-loss properties. The herbs' actions that lead to clearing stagnant fat and water from the digestive system also help clear extra fats and fluid from the blood. Crataegus, cassia and alisma are the formula's herbs that reduce lipids in the blood, according to the Institute for Traditional Medicine.


The recommended dosage for bojenmi tea is 3 to 6 g in one cup of water three times per day. No dietary changes are required while using the tea to lose weight, but eating a diet with nutrient-dense whole foods will help the patient lose weight, or clear the blood of excess cholesterol more effectively. A teaspoon of sugar or the sweetener agave syrup can enhance the taste of the tea, if needed, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine.