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Shrinking Breasts After Weight Loss

By Rhonda Alexander, MS, MA, CFT

The triumph a woman feels after accomplishing the daunting task of weight loss can be eroded by the appearance of shrinking breasts. One of the few drawbacks of losing weight is you don't get to decide where the weight vanishes. Because breasts are mainly made of fatty tissue, they are also susceptible to a loss of volume.

Options for Enhancement

To combat shrinking breasts, try aggressive, targeted exercises to develop the pectoral muscles underneath the breast. A combination of chest presses, pull-ups, pushups and pullover exercises develop the pecs from different angles. Adding more weight to your workout as you get stronger will enhance your results and give your breasts the appearance of being fuller. As they get stronger, your pectoral muscles are better able to support the breast tissue that women naturally retain as part of their anatomy. The valuable support of the pectoral muscles reduces the appearance of shrinking breasts.

Surgical Options

As a last resort, surgical intervention is an option to correct the appearance of shrinking breasts after weight loss. There are many things to consider with this option, such as whether a breast augmentation or a breast lift is best for you. During your extensive research, you'll want to also consider the cost, which procedure is best for you, what your recovery process will consist of and if this is truly a fit for you. Be sure to thoroughly discuss all of your options with a physician who is board certified in this particular specialty.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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