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Cute Ways to Reveal Pregnancy

By Shelley Frost ; Updated June 13, 2017

Although the excitement of a new addition may leave you ready to shout it from the rooftops, a more creative approach makes the announcement more exciting for you and recipients of the news. Your personality plays a role in selecting the ideal way to let others know you are pregnant.

Say Cheese

A casual group photo sets up your family or friends for the announcement of your pregnancy. Offer to take a picture of the group so you can capture the reveal. Instead of the classic line, "Say cheese," ask the group to say, "I'm pregnant." If your spouse is taking the picture, he might direct the crowd to say, "Suzy's pregnant." Take photographs of the group as they start comprehending the announcement. If your digital camera has an option to video tape, you can record the reactions instead of simply snapping photos.

Baby's First Signature

This pregnancy announcement idea works well if you have an occasion to give a card or send flowers to the recipient of the news. On the card, sign your names, adding "And Baby" to the end. For a more obvious clue right out of the envelope, buy a card from the baby with the recipients' relationship in the card. For example, if you are letting your parents know about the pregnancy, buy them a grandparents card.

Number One Dad

A baby-themed gift provides a clue to the recipient without directly announcing the upcoming arrival. The specific gift you choose depends on the relationship with the recipient. If you're announcing the pregnancy to your spouse, give him a book about being a father. For a grandparent, consider a "World's Best Grandpa" shirt or a bib that says "I love my Grandma." Wrap the gift in everyday wrapping paper and wait for the surprise when the recipient unwraps the baby-themed item.

Colorful Hints

For a more subtle approach, leave pink and blue hints in a highly visible location. A themed pink-and-blue dinner is one option. Decorate the dinner party with a bouquet of pink and blue balloons, along with other pink and blue decorations such as streamers and flowers. Serve as many pink and blue foods as possible, or go with a baby theme by serving baby carrots, baby corn, baby spinach and baby dill pickles. Cookies or cupcakes iced in blue and pink frosting work well as the dessert for the reveal dinner, but your guests will likely figure it out before dessert is served.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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