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Foods Rich in Starch & Fiber

By Jolie Hobbs

Starchy foods are an important part of a well-rounded diet. The healthiest forms are those that have been the least processed and still contain healthy grains. These foods can be obtained at any grocery store and will provide your body with calcium, iron and some B vitamins. Healthy starches can also provide you with all or most of the recommended 25 g of daily fiber, which is needed to help remove toxins and waste from your body.


Consuming certain breads is a simple way to meet your daily starch and fiber needs. According to the Calorie King nutrition database, the most fiber-dense breads currently on the market can provide anywhere from 20 to 28 percent of your daily fiber needs, while providing you with healthy starches needed to fuel your body. You'll find these fiber-dense breads in brands with whole grain, whole wheat and multi-grain labels.


Cereal is a good source of starch and can contain high amounts of fiber as well. According to CNN Food Central, high fiber cereals can provide 112 to 144 percent of your daily fiber needs in just 1 cup. When picking a cereal, choose brands labeled with a whole wheat, whole grain, or multi-grain; these will contain the highest amounts of fiber and healthy starches.


Pasta is rich in starch and, if chosen wisely, can be a good source of fiber too. Just one, 2-oz. serving of pasta can contain anywhere from 24 to 72 percent of your daily fiber needs. When shopping for high-fiber pasta, look for brands with whole wheat, whole grain, or multi-grain labels; these will provide you with the highest amounts of fiber.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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