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How Can a Busy Mom Lose Weight?

By Carolyn Robbins ; Updated July 18, 2017

When you have errands to run, homework to check, meals to cook and kids to kiss, taking care of yourself easily slides down to the bottom of your list of priorities. You recognize that it's important for you to stay slim and fit, but it can be challenging to find time for workouts and healthy eating. Fortunately, you can lose weight by making a few simple changes to your daily routine. Talk to your physician before beginning a diet and exercise program.

Deal With Stress

For many women, food is comforting. It's almost reflexive to reach for a chocolate bar when you are worried about your kids, finances or work. Until you address emotional attachments to food, you'll have a difficult time losing weight permanently. Consider talking to a counselor about your weight history and current situation. Squeeze a few stress reduction exercises into your busy schedule. For instance, you might practice deep breathing while you help your kids with homework.

Go Old School

You may dress hip and keep your makeup fresh to stay young, but it's all right to do some things the good old-fashioned way. Ultimately, weight loss comes down to monitoring your calorie intake and upping your physical activity. Carry a small notebook in your purse and jot down everything you eat and all of your workouts. After several weeks, review your notes. Look for ways you can cut calories and increase your activity. For instance, you might skip your morning mocha and squeeze in a 10 minute walk on your lunch break.

Don't Wait

If you wait for two hours of free time to head to the gym, you won't exercise very often. Instead, look for ways to incorporate fitness in your day-to-day activities. For instance, you might walk your kids to school instead of driving or do pushups while you're on hold with the pediatrician's office. When your kids are at a sports practice, lace up your sneakers and run around the track. Involve your kids in your workouts whenever possible. Play tag or shoot hoops together after school.

Be Prepared

When you're running between PTA meetings, sports, work, school and home, fast food is convenient. A daily burger habit won't help your weight loss efforts, though. Avoid temptation by packing quick and healthy snacks in your purse. Good options include nuts, whole-grain crackers, baby carrots, apples, oranges and granola bars. If you don't have time to cook healthy meals from scratch, consider slow cooker recipes. You can throw a few simple ingredients in the cooker and have a meal when you get home in the evening.

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