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Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

By Christa Miller ; Updated June 13, 2017

This year, Dad says, he doesn’t want any birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gifts. After all, he has everything he needs. What this means is that you now have the opportunity to get him something besides gag gifts, slippers and cologne. Consider getting him something so special that he will forget about his no-gift rule.


Dad may think he has everything until you give him the gift of a fun experience. Get him season tickets to his favorite sporting event, a book of tickets to a local movie theater, or a ticket to see the current touring Broadway show. Also think about getting an extra ticket (or tickets) so that he may bring you or another date along for the fun. If you are short on cash, get him a one-time ticket (for a movie) and also buy dinner or dessert.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are also great means of offering Dad a clutter-free experience. If you know that Dad likes pampering, treat him to a day at the spa by purchasing him a gift certificate good for a massage, a man-icure, and/or full access to the spa’s amenities. A nerdy dad may appreciate a gift certificate for nearby classes or workshops a subject he enjoys. On the other hand, if you find a gift card for an online retailer or nearby store that you know he frequents, Dad may soon think, “Well, perhaps I don’t have quite everything I need.”


Dad won’t have to be too worried about a gift that he can eat right away. A trip (or gift card) to a restaurant is one way to offer him food as a gift. However, if you would prefer to let him unwrap his present, you can also make him a gift basket (or purchase a pre-made gift basket) that features edible treats. A movie-buff dad may enjoy a “movie lover” gift basket full of popcorn, candy, his favorite soda and a gift certificate for a movie rental. At Christmas time, consider getting him a gift basket that features treats like salami, cheese and crackers, or a gift basket with cookies and cocoa in it. Another way to offer Dad an edible gift is to get him a subscription to a food or drink of the month club. If he truly enjoys what is coming, the gift will keep on giving and be a pleasant surprise each month.

Organize a Family Trip

A family trip can be arranged around the tastes of any type of dad. An outdoorsy dad may truly appreciate a family camping trip, while a childlike and adventurous dad is sure to enjoy a family trip to his favorite amusement park. If you have time and the financial means, a dad who prefers to be indoors may get a thrill from a family cruise.

Fun Tech Gadgets

To impress the type of dad who claims to have everything, make sure that you get him something that is definitely not among the things he already has. In some cases, something intangible (like the aforementioned trips) or impermanent (such as food) may be your best bet. But some dads may be won over by gifts that are both flashy and practical. Technologically-advanced gifts, such as the newest iPod for a music lover, a GPS unit for a road traveler, or a television recorder for a couch potato, offer Dad a chance to do what he already does but in a more efficient (and more fun) way.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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