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What Are the Health Benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin?

By Amy Pellegrini

Cancer treatment and prevention comes in all forms, and perhaps one of the most effective and natural supplements that is widely used today is modified citrus pectin. According to the American Cancer Society, modified citrus pectin is a form of pectin -- a chain of pectic acid and pectinic acid molecules -- that is chemically changed to make it more easily absorbed by the digestive tract. Pectin is primarily present in plants, especially apples, citrus fruits and plums. In modified citrus pectin, the pectin’s molecules are divided into smaller pieces so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Talk to your health-care provider for more information about modified citrus pectin and its full benefits.

Intestinal Health

The pectin in modified citrus pectin is a soluble fiber with powerful water-holding abilities, according to Drugs.com. Pectin effectively binds to water in the intestines and forms a gel to help prevent constipation and remove toxins from the colon. Modified citrus pectin also plays an important role in balancing the pH of your intestines. In the colon, pectin ferments and forms butyric acid, which also binds to mutagens to assist in removing them from your system. These effects help reduce the risk of colon cancer and other types of harmful cancer.

Cancer Prevention

The beneficial health effects of modified citrus pectin are due to its natural inclination to attract molecules that bind with galactose, which contains carbohydrate-binding proteins called galectins. Galectins are found on the surface walls of body cells and facilitate the relaying of messages between cells, encouraging them to bind. The American Cancer Society explains that cancer cells carry an unbalanced number of galectins, which may be beneficial in preventing the growth and spread of cancer. Cancer cells characteristically grow at an uncontrolled and aggressive pace, which results in rapid cell cancer cell growth throughout the body. Taking modified citrus pectin may prevent this growth and inhibit the cancer cells from invading healthy tissues and causing new tumors.

Toxic Metal Removal

According to "Modified Citrus Pectin" author Nan Kathryn Fuchs, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic can build up in the body. These metals may contribute to harmful disorders, including arteriosclerosis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and weakened immune function. Modified citrus pectin may bind to these heavy metals and assist in removing them from the body. Taking modified citrus pectin regularly encourages the urinary excretion of heavy metals due to its binding effects in the bloodstream.

Things To Consider

When used as recommended, there are rarely any side effects associated with modified citrus pectin. The American Cancer Society reports that you may experience mild stomach discomfort when using apple pectin.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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