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What Are the Benefits of Mango Tea?

The writers of Vitamins Diary claim that the mango is considered by many to be the "King of Fruits" due to its delicious taste, bright orange color and nutritional values. In addition to eating a mango on its own, mangoes are used in a variety of different ways, including jams, sauces, sorbet or even as garnish. Another common trend has become using the mango leaves to make tea, according to an article published by Health and Wealth, to increase overall health and treat health problems. Always consult your physician before using alternative remedies for a health condition.

Diabetes Treatment

According to the writers of Health and Wealth, mango tea has been used by European physicians to help treat diabetes and the blood vessel problems associated with diabetes. The writers of Health and Wealth claim that mango tea has been associated with slowing the progression of diabetes, and is also associated with healing the blood vessels in and around the pancreas that have been damaged due to diabetes.

Lowers Risk of Hypertension

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The writers of Health and Wealth add that drinking mango tea can aid in the treatment of hypertension, because it helps to strengthen the fragile blood vessels that can lead to hypertension. The writers of Health and Wealth recommend drinking one cup of mango tea daily to help treat hypertension.

High in Vitamins

The writers of Vitamins Diary claim that the mango leaves used to make mango tea are high in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, making mango tea a healthy choice if you are looking to add more nutrients and vitamins to your diet 1. The writers of Vitamins Diary also claim that the vitamins in mango tea are a major source of nutrition for people in underdeveloped countries.