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Teenage Daughter Problems

By Julie Boehlke ; Updated June 13, 2017

Raising teenagers can be challenging. If you are experiencing any type of problem with your teenage daughter, you want to make the right decisions for both of you. Some issues that arise will work themselves out over time. However, other situations are more serious and require immediate attention.


When your teenager experiences an issue, whether it be social, personal or physical, it is your priority to get her the help she needs. Teenagers face a myriad of problems and parents want their daughters to be safe and happy. Teenage girls go through a period of change during puberty when it comes to their emotions and bodies. Family Education reminds parents to still enforce rules but encourage independence and instill self-confidence at the same time.


There are different types of problems that teenage girls can face. One of the biggest ones is teenage pregnancy. It is important to discuss sexual health with your daughter in order to prevent a teenage pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Explain to her that the best prevention is abstinence. If you both feel she is ready to be sexually active, make sure she is on birth control and practices safe sex. Substance abuse caused from stress or peer pressure is also common among teens. Make sure she knows there are repercussions to drinking and doing drugs. Troubled Teen explains there are other problems teenage girls face such as bullying, violence, peer pressure, eating disorders, self-injury and smoking.


Identifying problems with your teenage daughter may be challenging. Many teens won’t come out and tell you if they are experiencing problems with peers or with their emotional health. It is important to identify signs there may be a problem with your teenage daughter. Help Guide states that depression may often be an underlying cause for problems that teen girls face. Look for sudden reckless behavior, skipping school, running away, school problems, signs of suicide and odd or violent behavior.


Any problem with your teenage daughter warrants immediate attention. Letting issues go unaddressed or untreated could lead to serious consequences. Learning about a teenage pregnancy early on will help you and your daughter make the right decision regarding her raising the baby or choosing an adoptive family. Substance abuse issues may involve seeking professional therapy and rehabilitation.


Take your daughter to an annual or semi-annual doctor appointment. This will help identify any underlying medical cause, teenage pregnancy and drug use. A medical doctor will also be able to treat your daughter for depression, or refer her to a specialist for family planning and birth control. Consider family therapy if there is an underlying problem so the entire family can be on the same path for treatment.

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