Low Cholesterol Cookies & Snacks

Finding cookies and snacks that are not high in saturated fat can be challenging. Many processed foods also contain trans fats, which are can raise your LDL cholesterol levels, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you are trying to keep your cholesterol level in a healthy range, choose cookies and snacks that are low in cholesterol.


You do not need to give up cookies completely when trying to eat a low cholesterol diet. According to Oklahoma State University Extension, gingersnaps, graham and animal cracker cookies are low in fat and cholesterol. These cookies are made with little saturated fats, making them a good choice. In addition, several food companies make fat-free or low-fat versions of standard cookies. Read the nutrition label to find cookies with less than 3g of overall fat. Avoid foods that have more than 1g of saturated fat or .5g of trans fat. Eat only one serving at a time to avoid eating too many calories.

Crunchy Snacks

You may think of crackers and greasy chips when you think about crunchy snacks. Most crackers and all oil fried chips are high in fat and cholesterol. Switch from oil fried chips to baked varieties. Baked chips are available in a variety of flavors. Make your own low cholesterol chips by thinly slicing sweet or white potatoes, brushing lightly with a trace of olive oil and baking in a 450 degree F oven until crispy. Use an air popper to pop fresh popcorn or eat one serving of baked pretzels.

Dairy Snacks

According to MyPyramid.gov, choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products due to the high saturated fat content in regular dairy products. Snack on light cheese sticks to help meet your calcium requirement for the day. Eat fat-free Greek yogurt as a mid-morning snack or drink a glass of skim milk before you go the bed. Buy single serving cups of fat-free cottage cheese and combine the cheese with a serving of fruit. If you use canned fruit, choose fruits canned in juice rather than heavy syrup to save calories. Spread fat-free cream cheese on 1/2 of a whole grain bagel for a snack that combines food from the dairy and grain group.

Vegetable and Fruit Snacks

Raw vegetables are a staple of a low cholesterol diet. Make a fat-free hummus and dip your favorite raw vegetables in a couple of tablespoons. Use peeled carrots, celery or cauliflower. Eat fruit plain, or cut up the fruit and dip it in fat-free, lightly sweetened strawberry yogurt. Use a juicer to juice vegetables and serve the drink with a whole grain roll. Freeze bananas for a frozen treat or blend strawberries into a smoothie.