Things to Do in Phoenix With a Baby

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The city of Phoenix, Arizona, offers an abundance of year-round warmth and sunshine, ideal for taking babies outside for some recreation. This city is filled with infant-friendly activities such as parks, baby-specific gyms and child-friendly gyms. These activities can help children learn healthy habits at a very young age.


A great location to take a baby to get some fresh air in Phoenix is Papago Park. This park is filled with hiking trails and bike paths, ideal for towing along a little one or walking with a stroller. This unspoiled stretch of desert provides the family with a variety of activities. The trails throughout the park vary in length, perfect for families of different fitness abilities. The best trail for strollers is the Eliot Ramada Trail, which is a paved three-mile round trip.

Baby Gyms

At the PEDI Center in Phoenix, parents will find an infant-friendly facility complete with a large open play area, sensory gym, swing system and toys designed to encourage motor skill development. This center, which stands for Play and Education for Development, Inc., is designed to show children how to play at a young age. The center offers a variety of play groups for babies, designed to encourage social participation and peer interaction. Parents participate in these groups along with their little ones. For babies ages 6 weeks to 10 months, the Bonders class includes games, yoga, songs and exploration time.


At the Children's Museum of Phoenix, parents can take their infants to a location that is designed to encourage early childhood development. The museum has a variety of permanent and ever-changing interactive exhibits for children ages 0 to 3 years old. There are activities that support eye-hand coordination and art projects that promote creativity and imagination. The museum offers Brain Time for Babies, designed for infants up to 18 months. During the 30-minute program, parents and children play with toys, read books and stories and sing songs.


Across the Phoenix area are splash pads and splash parks, ideal for taking a baby to cool off on a warm day. The splash pads and parks have spraying and shooting water features. Since these locations are zero-depth, they are a wonderful place to play with a child who cannot swim yet. Best of all, most of the splash pads in Phoenix are run by the city’s Parks and Recreation department and are free of charge.


Pack the stroller and head over to the stroller-friendly Desert Botanical Gardens on North Galvin Parkway. These gardens showcase rare and exotic desert plants in an easy-to-navigate area. The walking paths are wide and smoothly paved, ideal for strollers or new walkers. The area of the garden is manageable, perfect for little legs. Throughout the gardens, a variety of colors and an abundance of birds, insects and butterflies will stimulate children.