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How to Make a Baby Name From Parents' Names

By Deb Powers ; Updated June 13, 2017

Parents who choose to create a name for their baby tread a number of tricky lines. Most want the created name to be unusual without being weird and hope to honor tradition without being bound by it. When you derive your baby's name from your own names, you're paying homage to the fact that your child is not a chip off the old block, but a new creation who incorporates the traits of both mom and dad.

  1. Write each syllable of each parent's name on a separate slip of paper. Lay all the syllables out on a table top. Rearrange the slips of paper, using at least one syllable from each name in each option. You can also pull out a game that uses letter tiles to help you visualize letter combinations or syllables.

  2. Exercise some flexibility in connecting syllables. Lisa and Andrew might yield names such as Liandre, Lisanda, Lisandra and Landresa for a girl, or Landers, Sander and Andris for a boy.

  3. combine the parents' middle names instead to create a new first name for the baby, or add the mother's maiden name into the mix to give yourself more letters to play with.

  4. Enter the parents' names, either first, last or middle or all three, into a baby name generator online. Choose the baby's gender and select a national origin for your desired name, then click "Get Names" to generate a list of baby names that incorporate letters from both of your names.

  5. Tip

    Look up the meanings of both of your names in a baby name dictionary. Research other names that have the same or similar meanings, or choose a name that incorporates both meanings.

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