Vitamins Without Color Additives

Fact Checked

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Although artificial food colors have been certified as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some people have concerns that they may increase the risk for certain health problems, such as hyperactivity in children and cancer. Reading labels can help you find vitamins without any color additives, either natural or artificial.

What to Look For

If the vitamin you are considering lists "artificial coloring" or a color followed by a number -- such as Red No. 40 -- or something like "FD&C Yellow 5" among its ingredients, it contains an artificial color. Natural color additives include beta carotene, dehydrated beets, annatto extract, caramel, fruit or vegetable juices, carmine, cochineal extract, paprika oleoresin, saffron and grape skin extract. It may take some effort to find vitamins without any of these artificial or natural color additives, but they do exist. Searching the natural vitamin section or looking online at sites that sell a variety of vitamin supplements may make this easier.