Fun Ways to Tell People the Gender of Your Baby

Once you get the big news about whether you’re going team pink or team blue, you might be ready to shout the news to the world. Revealing the gender of your baby is typically exciting, and other people often like to celebrate the arrival of your new little one with you.

Gender Reveal Party

Sharing the news about your new baby’s gender at a gender reveal party can be an ideal way to bring people together to celebrate your news, suggests Laura Tropp, author of "A Womb with a View." Order a cake with neutral frosting on the outside and either pink or blue frosting in the middle 1. As soon as you cut into the cake for the first time, guests will see the frosting and know the gender. Show video footage of the ultrasound at the party and invite guests to guess the gender, offering a prize to those who guess correctly.

Surprise Everyone

Traditionally, the mother- and father-to-be find out the baby’s gender first and then share the news with friends and family. Instead of following this familiar process, add a new and exciting twist to the occasion. Have the ultrasound technician or physician write down the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope without either parent seeing or knowing the gender. Later, at an informal occasion or at a gender reveal party, open the envelope and share the initial surprise moment with everyone.

T-Shirt Announcements

Use T-shirts to announce your big news. If you have older children, purchase special T-shirts that announce the impending arrival of a baby brother or sister and have your kids wear the T-shirts around family to announce the gender. Purchase T-shirts for yourself as a proud mommy or proud daddy of a little boy or little girl. Part of the fun is waiting to see how long it takes people to read the T-shirt messages to learn the gender.

Wrapping Up Announcements

Gifts for others can also be an enjoyable way to announce the gender of your baby. Purchase hats, T-shirts, or a plaque with a special message about the baby boy or baby girl you are expecting. You could also purchase a T-shirt for the baby in either pink or blue that says “I Love Grandma” or “I Love my Aunt” to announce the baby’s gender to a special family member. Wrap the gifts and present them to people to announce your baby’s gender.