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Why Does My Nose Run When I Run?

By Judy Kilpatrick

It's not fun to have your nose run when you are running, but this is a common condition called exercise-induced rhinitis. Today Health reports that it affects approximately 40 percent of endurance athletes. Individuals who are prone to allergies appear to be more likely to suffer from this annoying, but otherwise not serious, condition.

Vasomotor Rhinitis

Exercise-induced rhinitis is a form of vasomotor rhinitis, a non-inflammatory condition. This isn't the same as allergy-specific rhinitis, but the symptoms can be similar. Brought on by hypersensitivity to environmental factors, such as dry or cold air, or particulates in the air -- not necessarily allergens -- VMR tends to be a chronic condition that manifests at various times, including while running. Symptoms include a watery discharge, sneezing and congestion.

Non-Allergic Runny Nose Treatment

If your runny nose interferes with your exercise, over-the-counter and prescription treatments are available. If you're not sure if you have vasomotor rhinitis or an actual allergy, contact an allergist for an accurate diagnosis.

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