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How to Use Smarthealth Heart Rate Monitor Watch

By Nicole Vulcan

Some people can tell how hard they're exercising by gauging how they feel; others want a more technical assessment. If you're the second type, using a heart rate monitor can help you keep track. Among the options is the SmartHealth heart rate monitor, a watch-type monitor you can use on your wrist. Enter some basic information into the monitor to get the most accurate readings possible.

Time, Distance and Personal Information

  1. Wrap the watch around your wrist and secure it firmly but not tight.

  2. Hold down the "Time" button for five seconds, if the watch is not already turned on.

  3. Press the "Time" button for two seconds to begin setting the time. Press "View" to move up in numbers or press "Reset" to move down in numbers. Press "Time" again to set the minutes. Use "View" and "Reset" to move up and down in numbers.

  4. Press the "Time" button again and then press "View" to set your watch to miles or "Reset" to set your watch to kilometers. Press "Time" again to complete the setup.

  5. Press the "Time" button for two seconds, until the hour button flashes. Then hold down "Time" again for two seconds, which will cause the "Age" value to display. Press "View" and "Reset" to set your age.

  6. Press the "Time" button again, which will cause the gender options to display. Press "View" and "Reset" to toggle between genders.

  7. Press the "Time" button again, which will display heights in inches. Press "View" and "Reset" to change the inches setting and display your height in inches.

  8. Press the "Time" button again, which will display your weight in pounds. Press "View" and "Reset" to change the weight setting to your weight in pounds.

  9. Press "Time" to display the step counter sensitivity; leave it at "medium" and then press "Time" again to finish the setup.

Use the Watch

  1. Begin walking or jogging with your heart rate monitor at a pace that you enjoy. Walk for at least 40 steps before checking your progress in the following steps.

  2. Press the "View" button once to view the number of calories you've burned.

  3. Press the "View" button again to view the number of steps you've stepped.

  4. Press the "View" button a third time to view the distance you've traveled. If you need to reset the calories, steps and distance, press and hold "Reset" for three seconds.

  5. Press the "Heart Sensor" button and hold it down for between three and eight seconds. The back plate of the watch needs to be touching your skin or you won't get an accurate reading.

  6. Tip

    Use the heart rate monitor to ensure you're exercising in your target zone. Your target zone for exercise is between 50 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Then multiply that number by .5 and .85 to arrive at your target zone. If your heart rate is less than 50 percent of maximum, speed up. If it's more than 85 percent of maximum, slow down your workout.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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