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Does Eating Cereal Help you Lose Weight?

By Amanda Burton ; Updated July 18, 2017

As a quick and variable breakfast option, cereal is frequently a favorite for busy Americans. Depending on the cereal you choose and what you pair it with, it can along with a healthy balanced diet and moderate physical activity help you to achieve weight loss.

Source of Glucose

Regular eating habits, including daily breakfast consumption are associated with healthy weights. Consuming cereal as part of a balanced breakfast supplies the body with needed energy from carbohydrates called glucose. Glucose is the main fuel for many parts of the body and without it our bodies ultimately rely on other sources that can alter metabolism and weight status.

Fiber Consumption

Choosing a cereal higher in dietary fiber can be helpful for weight management. Cereal fibers help us to feel full longer and curb our appetite. The physical aspect of chewing takes energy and slows our consumption pace. Fiber is neither digested or absorbed and some types absorb fat in our digestive tracts. Eating fiber means eating healthy and reducing calories.

Sugary Cereals

Sugar, like fiber, is a carbohydrate. Unlike fiber it is not beneficial for weight management. Many cereals are either high in sugar. Choosing a cereal higher in sugar can lead to extra calorie consumption throughout the day as your body will processes this carbohydrate quicker.

Pairing Cereal and Milk

Dietary fat content is also an important consideration when examining if a particular food will be beneficial for weight loss. Cereal is naturally low in fat (with the exception of granola). Low fat milk (skim, or 1 percent) has components that aid in satiety, decreasing body fat and aiding in weight loss. Those who consume low-fat milk are more likely to succeed with weight loss and maintenance than those who fall short of meeting daily recommendations.


When watching your weight, choose a high-fiber cereal and pair it with low-fat milk.To stay full longer and consume fewer calories top cereal with berries. Cereal can aid in weight loss when chosen wisely and included as part of a lifestyle program that include a balanced diet and moderate physical activity.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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