Can Eye Exercises Reduce Puffy Eyes?

There can be several reasons for puffy eyes, including stress, fluid retention, a poor diet or too much alcohol. According to ophthalmologist Dr. William Trattler, puffy eyes are frequently a symptom of ocular allergies. If you suffer from allergies to pets, dust or pollen, you are more likely to also suffer from ocular allergies.

There are several exercises you can perform the lessen the symptoms and improve the appearance of puffy eyes.

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Eye Massage

Stimulate the eye muscles with an eye massage. Place your ring fingers on the outer edge of the eye socket bone, and pressing very lightly, work your way round the socket using small circular movements. Repeat for one minute.


According to Bharti Vyas, owner of a holistic therapy and beauty center in London and author of the book "Fabulous Face," puffy eyes can be caused after enjoying a good night's sleep. When we sleep deeply, we don't blink, and this can lead to a build up of fluid around the eyes. If you find your eyes are puffy upon wakening, blink rapidly for 30 seconds, and the fluids should begin to dissipate. An extra pillow can also help prevent the build up of eye fluids overnight.

Temple Massage

Use your index or middle finger to massage the temples. The temple area is located at the side of your head in line with the eye socket, and is slightly indented. Massage the temples for one minute at a time to help reduce puffy eyes.

Accupressure Hand Massage

Open your hand with the palm facing you, and locate the point between your index and middle finger. Using the other hand, massage the ridge of skin between the two fingers, and also massage the inside of the first digit of the two fingers. Continue massaging for at least one minute before switching hands. Hand reflexology works on the premise of zone therapy, which purports that each of the body's organs has a corresponding external reflex point. This is a useful exercise that can be performed unnoticed whenever your eyes feel strained or tired.

Additional Tips

Puffy eyes are often caused by water retention. To reduce the possibility of water retention, lower your salt intake, drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, and refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Avoid processed foods, replacing them with fresh raw nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.

To further reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, lie down for ten minutes with cucumber slices covering the eye area. Cucumber contains a natural astringent that will reduce redness and puffiness.