How to Use Amplified Creatine 189

Fact Checked

Amplified Creatine 189 is a creatine supplement marketed by GNC. The supplement is taken by ingesting tablets instead of a common powder monohydrate. Creatine is a naturally occurring chemical in the body and is important for energy production in short-burst activities such as sprinting and weightlifting. In 2000, a round table of the American College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM, representatives concluded that creatine supplementation could improve performance, especially in activities that where short in duration and required repeated bouts. GNC claims that the new PEG-Creatine delivery system "allows the same benefits as regular creatine monohydrate at a much lower dose.” However, this statement is not supported by the FDA.


Take two pills out of your Amplified Creatine 189 container.

Place one pill in your mouth.

Pour some carbohydrate-based drink in your mouth, then swallow both the pill and liquid.

Repeat this process for the second pill.

Continue to take two pills daily until all contents of the container have been consumed.


You should consume an adequate amount of water when taking creatine to enjoy proper utilization and removal from the body. The DRI report recommends 3.7 L to 2.7 L for young men and women, respectively. Utilizing a carbohydrate drink in conjunction with a creatine-based product has been shown to increase creatine uptake by the body, according to the ACSM.


Consult your licensed physician or nutritionist before beginning any supplementation program. Creatine is not recommended without the direct consent of your doctor if you are pregnant, have a kidney disorder or asthma.