Juices That Help Gout

Gout classifies as a form of arthritis and has characteristics of inflamed joints in the feet and hands. Its effects last for days even after a severe attack occurs, MayoClinic.com reports. Redness and swelling occur in the joints as well as tenderness and severe pain. Gout, or the crystallization of uric acid particles in the joints, requires prescribed pain killers or preventive medications for its symptoms.

Strawberry Juice

The gout sufferer can use a handful of strawberries to produce juice that may prevent a gout attack. The person needs to drink strawberry juice on a daily basis. This type of juice may help reduce the symptoms of gout and prevent attacks from occurring, Gout Food Guide reports. Strawberry juice can replace other sweet carbohydrates in the person’s diet that do not provide benefits in the prevention of gout attacks such as donuts and candy.

Blackberry Juice

This juice also may prevent gout attacks from occurring, Gout Food Guide reports. Drinking the juice of a handful of blackberries each day may give protection from gout-type symptoms such as burning pain in heels of feet, the big toes and the knees. Blackberries generally grow wild, but a gout sufferer can plant them easily.

Cherry Juice

Cherries have the best taste when made into a juice, Gout Food Guide indicates. Its therapeutic qualities along with its delicious taste will help curve any appetite for candy and donuts. Gout sufferers may benefit from a daily glass of the juice made at home from the cherries.

Cranberry Juice

Doctors may recommend drinking cranberry juice for both kidney ailments and gout. The gout sufferer can purchase already squeezed cranberry juice. Some controversy exists about the usefulness of cranberry juice for gout, however. For example, Best-Gout-Remedies.com suggests that because of the acidic nature of cranberries. However, with most natural remedies such as juices for gout relief, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not require strict medical clinical trials for non-medications. The person may gain benefits from drinking cranberry juice for gout, but established scientific proof may not exist for it. For best results, the person should get the actual cranberries and use a juicer. Drinking the juice promptly allows the vitamins and minerals to be consumed in their best form, Gout Food Guide reports.