Easy Ways to Make a Go-Kart Run Faster

Faster is more fun when you are driving a go-kart. Making a go-kart run faster requires basic knowledge of the basic principles of weight and power 3. What can be difficult is finding the right balance between weight and power, as too much or too little of either can drag down performance.

Put Weight on the Brakes

Even the fastest go-kart drivers will need to use their brakes to navigate tight turns and avoid collisions. What the best drivers do is use the brakes for the shortest possible time and then hit the accelerator again. By contouring your body position to set the most possible weight on the brakes, you can help the kart slow down quicker so that you can make tight turns and get it going again quicker. According to Go Kart Racing Tips, the brakes are on the back of the go-kart, so you should lean back in the seat to help the tires grip the pavement when you slow and accelerate.

Remove the Governor

Many go-karts come manufactured with governors that limit their top speed. You can remove the governor, though it takes time and expertise, as you will be disassembling many parts of the engine. According to Affordable Go Karts, you will have to disassemble some parts to get to the governor, and after you have successfully removed it you will need to disable the low-oil sensor 2. The fast speeds of the go-kart without a governor will cause all the oil to shift to one side when you go around turns at a fast speed, and a working low-oil sensor would automatically shut down the engine down.

Install a Turbo Charger

A turbo charger increases the amount of air compressed in the engine, and that can increase horsepower, a measure of how much power an engine outputs. According to the Go Kart Guru, a turbo charger is a compressor that rams more air into the engine and fuel 3. Some types of turbo chargers can add 50 percent more horsepower to your engine to give your go-kart more speed. The size of the engine and the turbo charger affects the gains you should expect to see.