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Uses of Neem Powder

By Kristie Jernigan

Neem trees are evergreen trees and mainly grow in Africa, Asia and India and are used to treat a number of different ailments for these populations. In fact, according to the University of Wisconsin Colleges, East African residents call neem the “Mwarobaini” because it is said to treat about 40 different diseases. Neem powder is made from the leaves and roots of the tree and has a variety of uses; however, as with any herb or herbal supplement, consult with a health care professional before using neem.

Acne Treatment

Acne is a medical condition that can sometimes be difficult to treat. Neem powder is one option for treatment of this stubborn condition. According to the website, Discover Neem, neem leaf powder capsules can effectively treat acne. Neem powder can also be applied directly to the acne breakout. However, Discover Neem reports that using the powder directly on the acne outbreak has the same effect as taking the neem capsule filled with the powder. This remedy may take a few weeks before the acne completely disappears so you should not expect immediate results. As with any herb or herbal supplement, consult a health care professional concerning neem as an acne treatment.


Neem powder can be used to treat many different fungal infections. In fact, according to the website, Pharm Info, neem has been shown to be toxic to 14 different kinds of fungus. For example, athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection from which many people suffer. Applying neem powder to the site of the athlete's foot for a week can effectively treat and may even cure this medical condition. In addition, ringworm is another fungal infection that can be effectively treated using neem powder. For this treatment, mix a small amount of the neem powder with a few drops of water to create a paste, and apply to the ringworm lesion. You may want to cover this with a bandage so that the paste stays in place. After a few days of this treatment, the ringworm should heal. As with any herb or herbal supplement, consult with a health care professional before using neem to treat fungal infections.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG


According to the University of Wisconsin Colleges, one way of using neem powder is as a treatment for fleas and ticks on your pets. The powder can be easily brushed on the fur, as this is an effective and natural way to treat the problem of biting insects. The herb is not harmful to you or your pet. Neem powder can also be used as an insecticide for your garden. In fact, the University of Wisconsin Colleges reports that neem insecticide can kill about 200 varieties of insects. According to Pharm Info, neem is very unique because it does not kill insects but alters their behaviors in very subtle ways--eventually the insect cannot perform daily functions or breed and becomes ineffective at damaging plants and gardens.

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