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Massage therapy and physical therapy are practices designed to maintain and improve body conditioning and functioning 3. Massage therapy is part of alternative and complementary medicine and includes structured movements for manipulating skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons 13. Physical therapy is a health care profession that provides care to people with limited abilities to move and may include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques and adaptive equipment.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a touch therapy involving techniques for palpating and moving soft tissues of the body 13. According to, "the massage system may include, but is not limited to, such techniques as, stroking, kneading, gliding, percussion, friction, vibration, compression and passive or active stretching within the normal anatomical range of movement."include:

  • According to
  • "the massage system may include
  • but is not limited to
  • such techniques as
  • stroking
  • kneading
  • gliding
  • percussion
  • friction
  • vibration
  • compression
  • passive or active stretching within the normal anatomical range of movement."

Benefits of Massage

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Massage therapy can ally with standard medical treatment for a wide range of medical conditions 3.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists develop fitness and wellness-oriented programs for maintaining and restoring movement and function. Limited movement can be the result of age, injury or disease. Physical therapy specialties include cardiopulmonary, neurologic, geriatric, orthopaedic and pediatric.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

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The physical therapist creates a plan to promote movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability. The therapist also works to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs.

Medical Considerations

You should always discuss massage therapy with your doctor 3. Massage therapy is not a replacement for regular medical care 3.