Vitamins Without Copper

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Copper is a naturally occurring metal that is required in the amount of 0.9 mg per day for adults. It plays a role in many important body processes, and although considered an essential nutrient, copper in amounts exceeding nutritional needs can lead to copper toxicity. According to the CDC, symptoms of copper toxicity include gastrointestinal distress, irritation to the respiratory tract, and liver toxicity. If you have liver problems or are sensitive to gastrointestinal or respiratory distress, you may wish to find a multivitamin without copper.

Spectra Without Copper and Iron

SpectraTM without Copper and Iron is one multivitamin on the market for those who are looking to decrease their copper intakes. It is a daily four-tablet formula, to be taken twice daily, typically two tablets with breakfast and two tablets with lunch. Those with soy allergies should avoid this product as it contains soy lecithin. This supplement is available in bottles containing 120 or 240 tablets.

Superior Care Without Copper and Iron

Alternately, Superior Care® without Copper and Iron by Mountain Naturals of Vermont is another multivitamin with a four-tablet formula. This vitamin claims to contain 50 important nutrients including amino acids and antioxidants. This supplement also includes digestive enzymes to aid absorption of nutrients. It also contains soy lecithin, so those with allergies should be wary.

Life Extension Mix Tablets without Copper

Life Extension Mix Tablets without Copper contains green tea, fruit and vegetable extracts in addition to vitamins and amino acids. This supplement’s serving size is 9 tablets per day. Allergy warnings for this vitamin include fish, soy, tree nuts, yeast, corn, and sesame.

Pharmax Multivitamin and Mineral Without Copper and Iron

Pharmax offers a multivitamin and mineral formula without copper and iron. According to Rockwell Nutrition, this formula was created in order to control copper and iron levels in those at risk for liver diseases, as they are joint synergistic antagonists. The dosage for this supplement is 2 capsules per day with a meal. Allergy information is unknown for this supplement.

NutriCology MultiVimin Without Copper and Iron

NutriCology's MultiVimin Without Copper and Iron is a hypoallergenic multivitamin and mineral formula designed for allergic individuals. The capsules are vegetarian and the recommended dosage is 1 capsule with a meal up to three times per day. If you suffer from allergies in addition to your risk for copper-related health issues, this may be the best option for you.