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Are There Fruits That Promote Hair Growth?

By Skyler White ; Updated July 18, 2017

Premature hair loss and stifled growth are often the result of genetic heredity and androgen hormones. Associated illness of the thyroid, pharmaceuticals, stress and environmental deterrents also play a role in hair loss or growth. By eating fruits laden with hair-healthy vitamins, you can encourage your hair to naturally grow without chemicals or surgical procedures. Be sure to speak to your doctor prior to beginning a dietary change.

Fruits With Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential in promoting healthy hair growth and overall maintenance. It can also decrease hair loss while contributing to strength, shine and luster. Individuals deficient in this vital vitamin generally have dull hair, which easily breaks, hindering growth and a healthy appearance. Regularly consuming fruits high in this compound helps to reverse hair loss to lustrous growth.

Eat a variety of colorful fruits such as cantaloupes, grapefruit, apples, tomatoes and watermelon. When you can, be sure to consume the peels, as they contain phytonutrients beneficial to hair health and overall vitality. Beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and retinol are all versions of vitamin A that can benefit hair growth.

Fruits With Vitamin B Complex

An abundance of the vitamin B complex groups increases hair growth by improving the blood circulation and oxygenation within the body, specifically the scalp. It also reduces the levels of stress and cholesterol, which negatively affect hair growth. In addition, the Vitamin and Nutrition Center asserts that this vitamin group helps you reach your hair growth genetic potential. The three major vitamin B components are para-aminobenzoic acid, inositol and biotin. They are crucial in facilitating healthy hair growth. Eat a wide range of fruit containing B vitamin complex, such as blueberries, pineapple, tomatoes, banana and cranberries.

Fruits With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a necessary compound for a myriad of bodily functions and development. As one of the more powerful antioxidants, vitamin C contributes to the creation of collagen, which circumvents the hair from splitting and breaking. This compound also protects the body from free radical damage associated with external deterrents that can cause stress and imbalances leading to hair loss. Supplement a balanced diet with a plethora of vitamin C-containing fruits. Strawberries, passion fruit, guava, black currants, breadfruit and kiwi can help to ensure healthy hair thickness as well as growth.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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