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Spices and Herbs to Increase Metabolism

The term "metabolism" refers to a series of chemical reactions in your cells that convert what you eat into fuel for your body 1. The faster your metabolism, the more fuel, or calories, you'll burn 1. Genetics influences your metabolism, but you can rev it up with exercise to increase your muscle mass 1. Certain herbs and spices also help increase your metabolism 1.

Feel the Burn

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, writing for The Oz Blog, recommends mustard seeds to speed metabolism 1. They can help you burn fat faster and make you feel full longer. According to the Better Nutrition website, spicy foods such as cayenne pepper can also make your metabolism burn faster 1. The capsaicin in cayenne increases your body's ability to burn fat and calories by stimulating body heat. Other spices, like ginger, black or white pepper and garlic, have similar effects. Fresh ginger root is best. In "Discovering the True You With Ayurveda," author Sebastian Pole states that herbs like basil, mint and coriander are valued in Ayurvedic medicine for their overall digestive benefits, including the ability to increase metabolism 14.