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Signs of Cheating Emotional Responses

By Nicole Campbell ; Updated June 13, 2017

When you think your partner is cheating, it is only natural to look for the obvious signs. Hotel receipts, unexplained credit card transactions, mysterious phone calls--these can all add up to no good. While searching for clues like these can help a great deal in your quest for the truth, things aren't always so clear-cut. If you think your partner is cheating and you can't find any concrete evidence, focus less on searching for clues and more on identifying the emotional responses that can trigger a guilty conscience.

He's Extra Attentive

Many women would love their partners to suddenly take an interest in them, but when this interest is unnatural and seems to come out of nowhere, it may be one of the emotional signs of an affair. For example, if your mate is normally annoyed by your talk of problems at work and suddenly seems to take an interest in your annoying boss and his incompetent secretary, it is natural for this to pique your suspicion. It is a small difference and while it may seem insignificant, combining it with other things that arouse your suspicion may lead to a more concrete idea as to whether or not he's up to no good.

She's Buying Gifts

Gifts are nice to receive, and few people would actually turn away a gift from their partner. If she is not usually the type to buy gifts for no reason and she is bringing you gifts home "just because," this should arouse your suspicion. According to former private investigator Raymond B. Green and Dr. Marcella Bakur Weiner Ed.D. of's relationship department, unexpected gifts are often used as a way to ease the guilty conscience of a cheating mate. If it is close to your birthday, accept the gift. If you are far away from any real holiday, this may be a warning sign.

He Tells You He Loves You

Hearing "I love you" is always nice but some people are more generous with these three words than others. If you normally have to drag it out of him and he's volunteering the phrase all of a sudden, this may be for one of two reasons: he is falling in love with you all over again or he is trying to dispel any notion of cheating that you may have in your head. Alone, this isn't one of the classic emotional signs of a cheating mate but combined with other suspicious activities it can be a deal breaker.

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